A+ Certification.

What is the A+ Exam like ?

Testing Centers.

Testing Costs.

PC Technician Essentials

PC Tools.

Preventing Electrostatic Discharge.

Numbering Systems Used in Computers.

Measuring Data Transfer and Frequency.

Important Websites.

PC Anatomy

The Essential Parts of Any Computer.

Points of Failure.

Hardware, Software, and Firmware.

Working Inside Your PC.

Hardware Resources.

Motherboards, Processors and Adapter Cards

Motherboards and Their Components.

Processors and CPUs.

Installing Adapter Cards.


Understanding BIOS, CMOS, and Firmware.

Configuring the System BIOS.

Power-On Self-Test and Error Reporting.

BIOS Updates.

Power Supplies and System Cooling

Power Supplies.

Power Protection Types.

Troubleshooting Power Problems.

System Cooling.


RAM Basics.

RAM Types

Operational Characteristics.

Installing Memory Modules.

Troubleshooting Memory.

Preventative Maintenance for Memory.

I/O and Multimedia Ports and Devices

Understanding I/O Ports.

Understanding Input Devices.

Understanding Multimedia Devices.

Installing Input and Multimedia Devices.

Troubleshooting Input and Multimedia Devices.

Troubleshooting I/O Ports.

Maintaining Input Devices.

Video Displays & Graphic Cards

Installing a Video Card.

Display Types.

Installing a Monitor.

Troubleshooting Displays and Video Cards.

Preventative Maintenance for Displays.


Security Fundamentals.

Securing Wireless Networks.

Data and Physical Security.

Access Control Purposes and Principles.

Installing, Configuring &Troubleshooting Security Features.

Printers & Storage Devices

Printing Fundamentals.

Printer and Scanner Control.

Printer Installation.

Interface Types.

Optimizing Printer Performance.

Installing and Configuring Printer Upgrades.

Printer Troubleshooting Tools and Techniques.

Hard Disk Drives.

CD and DVD Optical Drives.

Removable Storage.

Flash Memory and Card Readers.

USB Flash Memory Drives

External Hard Disks.