The Programming in Java course is the first step for developing such applications. This program provides an introduction to object-oriented concepts and its implementation in Java technology programs. In addition, it covers syntax and semantics of the Java programming language. Further it covers the implementation of various concepts, such as exception handling, file manipulation, threads, collections, input/output streams, localisation and database connectivity.

Advanced Java Programming for Web Development. The tools and technologies required to create interactive Web applications with ease are the demand of the software industry. This course aims at imparting expertise in Web application development using Web components of Java EE, such as servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP). In this course, learner will learn to create servlets, handle servlet life cycle events, perform servlet communication, and implement advanced servlet techniques . In addition, the learner will learn to build JSP applications.

Core Java Programming Introduction of Java
Methods and Control Structures
Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts
Learning concepts of Packages and sub-packages
Interfaces and Abstract Classes
Exception Handling
Learning RDBMS concepts using MySQL
Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)
Building Desktop application using Swing
Java Server Page (JSP)
JSP Project