ASP.Net  Course and Training :
The course provides in-depth knowledge in ASP.Net  web programming. Usually students face trouble while facing interview questions based on advanced programming knowledge and even from SQL Database. Our students easily get through the interviews because of strong fundamentals in our method of study and the experience they get from our project division on real time projects which they do not get from other study center. Our course structure includes Framework, SQL Database,project work and the latest syllabus. All these help the student to face interviews and do the projects and coding independently .

Our earlier batch students easily got jobs in big software companies with very good salary. We want you to be the next!!!!

Level l : .NET (VS2017)

. NET Platform

Explore NET Framework , Understand Common Language Runtime, Understand the role of CTS and CLS, Learn about Base Class Libraries, Explain the Difference between Managed Code and Unmanaged Code, Start exploring IDE-Visual Studio  with added Features, Compare  to older versions

C# Programming

Working with Console Class (Input and Output), Learn how to use C# Data Types and Variables, Learn about Data Type Conversions, Working with Operators, Creating Conditional and Looping Constructs, working with Arrays, Implementing Methods and Parameters, How to use Named and Optional Parameters, Explain the Difference between Value Types and Reference Types, Learn how to implement String and Date Type Handling Functions

Object Oriented Programming

Creating Class and Object, Explore OOP Features with examples,Working with Constructor and Destructor, Learn about Modifiers and Access Specifiers, Learn how to use Abstract Class and Interface, Developing Class libraries, Using Exception Handling, Working with File I/O Operations

C# Advanced Features

Working with Delegates and Events, Creating Collections and Generics, Learn about Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Create Private and Shared Assemblies, Var keyword, Lambda Expressions, Collection Initializer, Anonymous Type, Explore Dynamic Types and DLR, Creating Processes, Threading and Multi-Threaded Application, Create and implement XML Serialization


HTML Basic Tags, Working with Table, List , Div, HTML Form Elements, Describe HTML 5, creating <video> and <audio> elements for media playback, Implement content-specific elements like <article>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, <section>, Working with New Form Input Attribute Types


CSS Basic Syntax, Creating External CSS, Learn how to use Selectors, Working with CSS properties, Define CSS3, Use Box Model, Implement Backgrounds and Borders, Use Text Effects, Learn how to use 2D/3D Transformations, Implementing Animations, Working with Multiple Columns


Define JavaScript, Create and Manipulate Variables, Implement Functions, Learn how to use JavaScript Events, Developing Popup Boxes, Learn how to use Client Side Validation, Creating External Javascript

ASP.NET Web Application Development

Understand Web Application Fundamentals and Architecture, Creating Standard Web Controls and Events, Working with Navigation Controls, Working with Rich Server Controls, Working with Validation controls, Introduction to ASP.net Core

State Management

Create and Manage Session, Implementing View State, Create and manipulate Query Strings, Managing Cookies

Customizing Web Applications

Implementing Themes and Skins, Implementing Web User Control, Master Pages and Content Pages

Designing and Implementing Databases with MS SQL Server 2014

Introduction to RDBMS, Familiarizing SQL Server 2014, Creating Tables and Constraints, Implement Aggregate Functions, Order by and Group by, Join and Sub Query, Creating Stored Procedures, Backuping and Restoring a database


Learn about Data Binding, Connected and Disconnected Methods, Create CRUD Database Applications using SqlDataReader, SqlDataAdapter, DataSet, DataRow and DataColumn. Create Database Applications with Stored Procedures, Learn how to do XML and ADO.NET Communication

Data Controls

Lean how to use GridView, Working with FormView, ListView, DetailsView, DataList, Chart Control and DataPager controls, Working with Bound Fields and Customized Template Columns

Crystal Report

Install and Configure Crystal Report, Create Crystal Report in a Web Application, Export Crystal Report to different file formats,

Working with Charts.


Learn about Ajax Technology, Using Script Manager and Update Panel, Working with Ajax Controls, Learn how to use Ajax Control Toolkit, Implementing Ajax Extenders

Introduction to Advanced technologies in ASP.NET

Introduction to WCF and Silverlight, Introduction to Cloud computing (Windows Azure), Introduction to SharePoint Development

Module II :- Advanced ASP.NET 4.0 – Level 2

C# Advanced Features
New Features in Net 4.0
Authentication and Authorization
AJAX and JQuery
Language Integrated Query
Using Entity Framework
Silverlight Application
Cloud Computing
Windows Phone Mobile Application

Module III : Exam
TS : Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development

Introduction to SQL Server and its Toolset
Designing and Implementing Tables
Introduction to T-SQL Querying
Writing SELECT Queries
Querying Multiple Tables
Sorting and Filtering Data
Working with SQL Server 2012 Data Types
Using Built-In Functions
Grouping and Aggregating Data
Using Sub queries
Using Table Expressions



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