Outlook Course

Microsoft Outlook Course Syllabus

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing.

This course is designed for people with a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows who need to learn how to use Microsoft® Outlook® to compose and send email, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information and tasks, and use notes.

Introduction to Outlook

Using Setup Wizard to set up a Primary E-mail Account
Different Types of E-mail Accounts
Adding an Additional Email Account
Create Additional Outlook Profiles
View the Outlook Workspace

Outlook Interface

Navigating Outlook
Information and Reading Panes

Creating E-mail

Creating Messages
Addressing the Message
E-mail Options
Delivery Options

Setting E-mail Defaults

E-mail Settings
Mail Format
Themes and Fonts
Creating E-mail Signatures

E-mail Extras


Saving a Draft

Receiving E-mail

Replying to Messages
Forwarding Messages
Receiving Attachments
Sent Items
Recall and Resend Messages

Hyperlinks and Quick Parts

Using Hyperlinks

Configuring Outlook

Creating Rules and Storing Messages
Advanced E-mail Options
Record Information in the Journal

Securing E-mail

Digital Signatures
Encrypting Messages

Changing Views

Customizing Views

Organizing Information

Organizing with Categories
Quick Click

Sharing Information

Share Folders (Contacts, Email, Tasks etc)
Access Shared Folders

Customizing Folders

Folder Settings
Deleting Items
Creating Folders
Organizing Folders
Recover Deleted Items
Saving in Different File Types
Creating a Personal Folder Set
Personal Folder Properties

Contact Basics

Creating Contacts
Modifying Contacts
Adding Contacts
Contact Views

Advanced Contacts

Business Card Options
Distribution Lists

Calendars and Scheduling

Calendar Views and Entries
Creating Appointments
Creating Events
Recurring Events
Creating Events from E-mail

Calendar Defaults and Permissions

Calendar Settings
Assigning Delegate Permissions
Viewing Other People’s Calendars


Scheduling Meetings
Responding to Requests
Tracking Responses
Recurring Meetings
Proposing New Meeting Times

Tasks and Journal

Creating Tasks
Assigning Tasks
Recurring Tasks
Responding to Assigned Tasks
Task Views
Tracking with the Journal

Working with Notes

Record Information in Notes
Sharing and Saving Notes
Link to a Note

Working With Backup & Restore

Backup Outlook

Restore Outlook


Activating Archiving
AutoArchive Settings
Manual Archiving