Benefits of Learning PHP Language


PHP has remained one of the most versatile and pragmatic web development languages in the world today. Its range of functionalities, amazing array of add-ins to extend functionalities, its open source nature and tremendous online community support has made PHP a perennial favorite amongst newbies as well as established development agencies worldwide.



  1. Easy and Simple to Learn

PHP is considered one of the easiest scripting languages. Compared to other web languages, PHP doesn’t require a manual or intensive studying. PHP syntax is logical and well-organized. Even command functions are easy to understand, as they tell the developer what function they perform. As a result, web developers find it very easy to create and optimize the application.

  1. Extremely Flexible

PHP is highly flexible whether it is during an ongoing project or after completing the project. Flexibility in a scripting language is very crucial, as functionality can change anytime during the course of a project. The best part about PHP is the ability to make changes even after starting the project and this saves valuable time. A developer does not have to write fresh codes or command functions, as changes to the existing codes and functions can be done and used.

  1. Easy Integration and Compatibility

PHP is compatible with a large majority of operating systems. It can easily run on different platforms, including UNIX, Solaris and Linux. As it can be integrated without effort with other technologies, such as Java, existing software does not require re-development. This saves time and money.

  1. Efficient Performance

Depending on how the web developer codes, PHP has the potential to turn in an efficient language. It is scalable when used for writing codes and can also be used for creating a large number of applications.

  1. Cost Efficient

PHP is an open source web language, hence is completely free. There is no expense involved in purchasing expensive licenses or software. It can work efficiently with different databases, such as MySQL, Apache and PostgreSQL. The cost of developing a website using PHP is minimal.

  1. Gives Web Developer More Control

Compared to other programming languages, PHP allows the website developer to have more control. A few simple lines of code are sufficient. Furthermore, PHP allows tags and hence, website developers can add and/or mix HTML tags, making the content extremely dynamic. Developers doesn’t have to worry about placing codes in the right place when using PHP, as it is written between tags. Hence, functions and codes do not have to be written in any specific order, as long as they are within the tags.

PHP has a very helpful, active and widespread PHP community. Also, this scripting language offers a lot of resources, such as commands, functions and codes, which can easily be rewritten and used without incurring any cost. The ease of use, easy integration, cost efficiency and easy access makes PHP one of the most popular server-side programming languages


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